Magic Zn-T Coat (250 ml)

Magic Zn-T Coat (250 ml)
Magic Zn-T Coat (250 ml)
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Advanced Germicidal Nano Coating for Textiles

Magic Zn-T Coat - Permanent functional nano coatings developed for spray -on application. It can be
applied to natural and synthetic materials - just once - and even repeated washings cannot stand its
adherence. Coating can kill a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, molds and remove odor.
The synthesis and application of the coating is very simple, inexpensive and scalable. Unlike some
other antibacterial coatings, it can also be added after a product has been created, instead of
having to be integrated into the production process.
Now we provide a cleaner and healthier environment with safe, transparent and durable antimicrobial
coating for textile fabrics. Magic Zn-T Coat works 24/7/365 (if exposed to light). Our coating uses
a most innovative totally Green Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) chemistry to continuously kill all
bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores and reduce odors.
It also provides self-cleaning hygienic surface and can now be economically applied to virtually any new
or existing textile products
One spray lasts 50 washing cycles!
Utilizing sunlight and/or typical interior lighting as its energy source, this innovative textile coating is a
powerful and persistent Zinc mineral oxidizer that is eco-friendly and sustainable with no
environmental and human hazards.
It is the most advanced functional coating available, safely providing non-stop broad spectrum
antimicrobial protection and continuous pollutant & odor reduction in any environment.
NANOMAGIC is the only company to provide this nano-coating in a convenient DIY spray for smaller
DIY jobs.
Advanced Germicidal Nano Coating for Textile Fabric
It can be apply to any textile surface where microbes are a concern

  1. It is totally green product. Cannot be removed by repeated washing.
  2. Provides UV protection
  3. Misting application 
  4. Portable spray designed for smaller jobs
  5. Effective ANTIMICROBIAL Time: Immediate. Works 24/7, 

Durability: 50 washings
Surface types: all textile fabrics
CuringTime: 60 minutes (Tip: Drying with the application of heat (heat gun, hair dryer) will speed up the dryingtime and increase durability.)
Curing Temperature: room temperature (18 -20 C)
A single bottle will treat one full XL uniform.

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