Magic IQ Coat (1Liter)

Magic IQ Coat (1Liter)
Magic IQ Coat (1Liter) Magic IQ Coat (1Liter)
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Multi-purpose Functional Nano Coating. Self-sanitizing Green Photo-catalysis Oxidation Power

Our coating uses a most innovative totally GREEN Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) chemistry to continuously kill all bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores andreduce VOC’s and odors. It also provides a self-cleaning hygienic surface that is effective indoors or out, and can now be economically applied to virtually any new or existing surface, including metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, fabrics, vinyl, and all other forms of textiles. One spray lasts 2 years!

Coverage Rates for 1 litre of Magic IQ Coat:

If applied in accordance to the instructions or by qualified NanoMagic Technician (HVLP technique)

  • Even surface: 640 sq. ft (67 m2)
  • Raw surface: 320 sq. ft (33.5 m2)

Magic IQ Coat Key Features


Coverage Rate
Per Liter

Durability of the

Shelf Life


Curing Time

+5°C - +50° C

33-67 m2 (depending
on the structure of
the substrate)

Up to 2 years

2 years

+5°C - +25° C

3 hours

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