Magic Textile Coat (1Liter)

Magic Textile Coat (1Liter)
Magic Textile Coat (1Liter) Magic Textile Coat (1Liter)
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Magic Textile Coat - Hydrophobic Coating For Textile

Magic Textile Coat is highly hydrophobic and is actively repelling water from a treated surface. Water-based liquids roll right off a surface on contact and leave materials clean and dry or easy to clean.

Our coating will not affect the appearance, breathability, colour and texture of the fabric; and of course these characteristics ensure that the fabric is easy to maintain. Magic Textile Coat is highly water-resistant and suitable for application to fabrics used in “outdoor” environments. Coated fabrics become resistant to coffee, oils and general contamination.

Magic Textile Coat Key Features


Coverage Rate
Per Liter

Durability of the

Shelf Life

Storage Temperatures

Curing Time

+5°C - +50° C

10-40 m(depending on the Structure of the substrate)

5 - 40 short, machine wash cycles at 30°C

2 years

+3°C - +30° C

12 - 24 hours

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