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Magic Glass Coat – Hydrophobic Nano Coating

Magic Glass Coat Self-cleaning Coating

A nano coating with hydrophobic and self- cleaning properties developed for glass surface. The coating's self-cleaning glass effect stops dust and bird feces from sticking to glass, keeping glass surface clean longer. The hydrophobic properties repel water more quickly than uncoated typical glass.

Coating Description

  • A nano coating for glass with self-cleaning hydrophobic properties
  • An invisible coating which prevents dirt, algae and bird fouling from adhering to glass
  • Drastically reduced cleaning frequencies
  • Clear, colorless liquid
  • Non-Toxic for human and environment
  • Frost resistant
  • Easy spray application
  • Contains alcohol for a durable performance
  • 2 years shelf-life
  • Can be applied from -25 °C to +40 °C
  • Long durability - lasts up to 3 years

Self-Cleaning Glass Coating Benefits

The self-cleaning hydrophobic solar panel coating benefits:

  • Self-cleaning effect keeps glass clean longer, maintaining efficiency and greatly reducing the need for expensive cleaning
  • Repels the water more quickly than non-coated glass surfaces
  • Reduces the growth of micro-organisms and bacteria
  • Prevents bird fouling and tree sap from sticking to the surface
  • Dust and dirt are washed away with rainwater
  • Easy application
  • Reduces cleaning frequency saving water, environment, time and cost

Magic Glass Coat provides a non-stick, invisible performance coating using advanced silane coupling agents and the purest silicate particles to provide a long lasting durable layer of protection. Glass surfaces will no longer need regular cleaning, water and debris will no longer stick on the surface.

Magic Glass Coat – Method of Application


For the application you will require:

  1. Magic Glass Coat
  2. Cleaning agent such as isopropyl alcohol or glass cleaner
  3. Disposable gloves
  4. Eye protection
  5. Clean lint free cloths
  6. Bucket of fresh water or hose pipe supply

Before application it is important to makes sure the surface is not hot, clean and free from oil and grease. For best results use isopropyl Alcohol to clean over the surface of each panel using a small circular motion. The isopropyl alcohol has a very good cleaning effect and does not leave any residues on the glass surface.

All cleaning detergents should be thoroughly rinsed away and the surface manually or naturally left to dry.

Application Instruction

Sponge or cloth application

  1. Do not apply on glass hotter than 40°C  (104 °F)
  2. Clean the glass thoroughly with cleaning agent
  3. Rub the glass surface dry with a clean dry cloth.
  4. Pour liquid on the non-woven fabrics or sponge. Make liquid fill in non-woven fabric, or sponge, and then evenly wipe on glass surface, Form a uniform wetting liquid film on the surface.

 Please note:  Apply one time only. Don't wipe back and forth.

Approximately 20-25 ml per square meter should be applied.

Spray application

  1. Please don’t apply under high temperatures, or high windy weather.
  2. Spray with air brush, or spray bottle, spray gun (0.3 mm is recommended),
  3. Spray evenly on the glass forming uniform wetting film on the glass surface
  4. Leave to dry. Keep away from water for 2 hours.


Once the application is complete the hydrophobic effects can be seen almost immediately and over the period of 2 hours the curing process will be complete. For regions with low rain fall, rinsing the treated surfaces down will be recommended once every 6 months to dislodge any dry dirt particles which may have gathered on the surface.


Magic Glass Coat should be applied in accordance with the supplied installation guidelines. NanoMagic cannot be held responsible for the product not performing correctly if these guidelines are not followed exactly. NanoMagic cannot be held responsible for the effects of applying Magic Glass Coat to surfaces/materials not directly approved by us. NanoMagic cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses caused by the incorrect application of Magic Glass Coat.

Concrete hydrophobic protection - hydrophobic nano coating for concrete

Hydrophobic Concrete Protection - Hydrophobic Protective Nano Coating for Concrete

Magic Concrete Coat is a new surface protection product to reduce water absorption as well as water capillary absorption, efflorescence, moss and algae build-up on mineral substrates. Traditional solvent based products have high water repellent values, but fail to meet modern environmental standards. Magic Concrete Coat is the most sustainable penetrating sealer on the market.

The product has deep penetrating properties, without the use of any hazardous hydrocarbon solvents, or substances. Magic Concrete Coat is odour free and still matches and even outperforms conventional sealer solutions. The extreme reduction of the water absorption results in fast drying surfaces were moss and algae will not find the appropriate growing ground. Slippery surfaces and unsightly discolorations can be avoided and the risk of falls can be significant reduced

Our nano coating protects concrete structures against:

  • Water and chemicals penetration
  • Capillary moist permeability
  • Environmental pollution, dirt and contaminates
  • Harmful acidic rainfalls
  • Corrosion of concrete steel reinforcement
  • Growth of microorganisms
  • Deposition of salt
  • Development of moss, lichen and algae
  • Grease and liquid stains
  • Graffiti