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Inspired by nature 

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NanoMagic - Healing Clothes Far Infrared Technology

How clothes can heal?

The latest technology called nanotechnology brought with it many new innovative possibilities, one of which is Infra Cure, also called a functional spray. Due to the number of enabled functions to your clothes they are divided into two groups: primary and secondary functions.

  1. Primary Functions are the main features and include:
    1. Far Infrared Emitting 
    2. Far Infrared Reflecting
    3. Electromagnetic Field (EMF) protection
    4. Ultra Violet (UV) Blocking
    5. Pollutant Cleaning
  2. Secondary Functions:
    1. Self-cleaning
    2. Antibacterial
    3. Anti fungal
    4. Odor Neutralizing

It is the only product in the world in its uniqueness, providing so many benefits and possibilities contained in one bottle, but what is more important it provide solution to shortage of healing energy provided by the sun. After application process your clothes will complements the lack of healing energy of the sun in two ways:

  1. Constant emission of far infrared rays (FIR) with a wavelength of 8 ~ 15μm, the most beneficial spectrum range for human and animal health research by NASA,
  2. Throughout Diffuse Reluctance Infrared Light Technology (DRILT) - the infrared light emitted by your body is diffusely- reflected and transmitted back to your body.

Clothes that can clean the air pollution as you wear them

What’s more your healing clothes made with use of INFRA CURE spray will also clean the air around you. Yes it's true, just imagine, a hundred people dressed in healing clothes can break down the same amount of NOx pollutants (nitrogen oxides and their mixtures) as 30-grown trees, what corresponds to 22 m2 of green leaf surface area, so using healing clothes you are benefiting our planet and your community. Continue reading to be amazed even more.

Clothes that can protect you from Electrosmog (IMF) and UV Rays.

Your healing clothes will significantly protect you from harmful to human health electrosmog EMF and UV radiation, by reflecting it away from you. Despite this, your clothes will become self-cleaning, antibacterial, anti fungal and neutralizing odors.

Did you say self-cleaning clothes?

Yes. It is thru. Self-cleaning clothing is known for long time, and have been successfully used for health, environmental, and military applications. The self-cleaning effect is accomplished through process called photocatalysis. In other words in the presence of water, oxygen radicals are produced under light irradiation which in turn can decompose organic material such as, for example, bacteria's, fungi, fats, oils, soot or plant materials or odor. This does not however mean that healing clothing must never be cleaned.  The process of “eating” dirt is too slow to give up the laundry, but effective removal of bacteria and odor allows us to significantly extend the washing needs. It should also add that not washable stains will disappear over time.

Infra Cure the Art of Green Technology

Knowing the environmental issues we put every effort to create product that is not harming our environment throughout whole product life cycle and is safe to human for everyday use. Infra cure is one ingredient an aqueous solution of Zinc Oxide. Zinc oxide is non toxic for human and environment, and is well known for its medical and industrial application. For example is widely used in medicine to treat variety skin conditions, can be found in products such as baby powder, barrier creams or in products to treat diaper rashes. It is the broadest spectrum UVA and UVB reflector that is approved for use as a sunscreen by the FDA.

8 Health Benefits of Using Far Infrared Healing Clothes:

1.    Increase Oxygen Content of Our Body

The water content is about 70% in our body and 80% in our blood.

While the oxygen is insufficient, the water molecule in the blood will assemble into group water (5 or 10 H2O molecules assembled into a "group"), and these...water group... shall not be able to go through the cell membrane. Far infrared can make the water molecules resonance and become independent water molecules (single H2O), which will increase the oxygen content in our body, restore the vitality of the cells and enhance our capability to against disease and aging.

2.    Improve Micro Circulation System

Independent water molecules can travel freely between cells and the resonance of water by FIR, the energy will be converted into heat, therefore the skin temperature will be raised, and the blood flood circulated faster. While the microcirculation working in good condition, our heart can operate more easily without stress. The functions of our microvascular are to supply the oxygen and nutrient and to excrete the waste generated in our 60 trillion body cells, if any problem occurred in our micro-circulatory system, variety of diseases will appear. These diseases include hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, and cold or paralysis of limbs. The total length of our microvascular is about three times distance around the Earth, and it is so called our second heart.

3.    Relief Soreness or Pain:

Common pain can divide into two categories:

  • Muscles or bones ligament pain after exercise

When we are doing serious exercise, our circulation system will not be able to supply enough oxygen; therefore, the carbohydrates will decompose anaerobically to generate energy and lactic acid simultaneously. Since our circulation system is busy supplying oxygen, the lactic acid will be accumulated and therefore cause pain.  FIR can either improve our circulation to prevent accumulation of lactic acid before exercise, or raise the circulation to remove the lactic acid after exercise.

  • Pain caused by long term of wrong posture, overuse or sports injuries

These are mostly through damage of muscle and ligament, and resulted un smooth partial circulation. The main symptoms are "pain" based, often expressed with specific pain point, or more pain through some wrong posture. Meanwhile, aging, overwork, excessive sex or after pregnant will cause an overall decline of our circulation speed. The main symptoms are "sore" based, like unbearable for long standing, sitting or walking, and fatigue will make it worse. FIR can significantly accelerate our circulation, and improve the above symptoms which resulted from unsmooth or decline of our circulation

4.    Improve urinary and reproductive system

Common menstrual pain of women and prostate hypertrophy of men can both be improved by far infrared.

    a)    Menstrual pain:

    During menstrual period, female body will secrete prostaglandins to promote uterine to contract to     expel the endometrium. Excessive secretion of prostaglandins may cause the uterine contract too much     and result in menstrual pain. The FIR can warm deeply and soothe the uterine muscle to reduce     discomfort caused by menstrual pain.

    b)    Prostate Hypertrophy:

    Most men will encounter the issue of growth of the central prostate after they go into middle age. This     section of prostate is surrounding the urethra, when it grows bigger will give pressure to the urethra,     and result in frequent urinary, nocturia, urgency, and difficulty urinating. Far infrared can partially     suppress the smooth muscle of prostate and bladder, and reduce obstruction.

It shall greatly reduce the pressure on the urethra, and increase urination rate, urine output and the symptoms of intermittent urine.

5. Increase Metabolism

Through improvement of the micro circulation system, the waste generated by metabolism can be rapidly excreted, thus reduce the burden of our liver and kidney. These wastes include heavy metals (cause cancer), lactic acid (cause fatigue and aging), free fatty acids and subcutaneous fat, free ions (cause hypertension) and uric acid (cause gout).

6. Balance the Ph of our body

Far infrared can help purify the blood and improve skin quality.

It can also prevent or relief the pain in bones, joints and gout caused by high uric acid.

7. Eliminate Disease Cells

FIR can transfer heat deeply into our body, and cancer cells are generally not tolerable to heat, should be easily eliminated by heat. According to some medical literature, the cancer cells have lower heat resistance compared to the normal cells, they will be greatly eliminated when heated higher than 42°C, but normal cells won’t. While FIR has been absorbed by our body, normal cells will be activated by the resonance effect, but the cancer cells will be cooked by heat and killed by our enhanced immune system.

8. Prolong the Lifetime of Fistula of Uremic Patients

The fistula is like the second life of uremic patients, but most patients have encountered occurrence issue in their fistulas, therefore have to receive surgery constantly, and eventually there will became nowhere to put the fistula. This is because the fistula has to get infection constantly, and some narrow points will be generated, and therefore decrease the blood flow. Far infrared can increase the blood flow in fistula and improve the recovery at the injection site. Continuous use of FIR on fistula can maintain the flexibility and smooth the blood flow. Thus the lifetime of the fistula may be increased, and save the number of repeated surgery.

Far Infrared Applications on Medicine

Far-infrared is generally defined as an electromagnetic wave which wavelength is between 4 to 1000 microns. And since its wavelength are closely related to the organism growth (4~14 microns), the FIR is so called "Birth Light". The mechanism of far infrared effect on human cells can be divided into thermal effect and non-thermal effect clinically. The non-thermal effect is resulted from the absorption and transition of the molecular, and heat will be generated during the transition. Effects of these two types of far infrared therapy on human body can be applied for medical propose. The cells of our body can absorb the FIR energy and resonance with it to achieve warming effect.

Clinic FIR applications include: pain relief, wound healing, hypertension treatment, mental stress relief, improve the quality of sleep, blood sugar control, eliminate fatigue, thermal therapy of tumor, maternal urinary retention treatment, pediatric intestinal cramps, etc. Various new applications of FIR therapy are still under developing, which offer another path to the main stream medicine.

Wide range of FIR medical devices can be found in market, but actually the principles are similar. By correctly using these FIR products, people can get following physiological benefits:

  • Increase the physiological reaction, reducing the accumulation of fat to improve physical fitness.
  • Warming effect: Saving physical consumption, and maintaining good nutritional status.
  • Increase the perspiration and subcutaneous fat exhaust and achieve health and beauty.
  • Activate the physiological functions to intensify hormones and enzymes and removal of heavy metals, toxins and waste.
  • Enhance the vitality, activate the metabolism, strengthen the full use of nutrients and eliminate fatigue.
  • Treat the muscular and neurological diseases. FIR has positive effect on liver function and muscle tension elimination.
  • Inhibit the growth of cancer cells, breakdown bad proteins.
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory, activate the immune function.
  • Tissue regeneration, function resurrection, congestion remove, nerve regeneration, consciousness regain and muscle rebuild.

Far Infrared Applications in Horse Veterinary

The mechanisms of animal body and human body are similar, thus we can also use Far Infrared (FIR) on pets. For example: post-operation recovery and increase circulation. You can also use Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to warm your horse more deeply during the winter, and activate the cell to prevent from catching colds.

Far Infrared Applications on Agriculture


Far infrared can activate cells, thereby accelerating the growth of plants. Thus we shall be able to harvest crops more quickly and shorter the harvest cycle.

In addition, applying to delicate ornamental plants such as orchids and other flowers may make them more beautiful and last longer.

Far Infrared Applications in Industry

The FIR is mainly used on heating and drying in industry. Since the

FIR is greatly absorbed by the organic matter and converted to heat; it can be used in a variety of manufacturing process.

Far Infrared Technology

Although there are many far infrared (FIR) products available in the market, due to used technology we can divide them into three categories:

    1.      Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas:

            a)     Cabin-style infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared light experienced as                     radiant heat which is absorbed by the surface of the skin. Traditional saunas heat the body                     primarily by conduction and convection from the heated air and by radiation of the heated                     surfaces in the sauna room.

            b)    Far Infrared (FIR) Portable Sauna uses carbon or ceramics as a heating elements. Portable FIR                    Sauna is powered electrically and includes a handheld control box and thermal blanket.

    2.      Far Infrared (FIR) Blankets and FIR Pads

             t consists of Ceramic Silicone heating pads in the second layer under the blanket. It begins to              radiate FIR energy as is heated up by the heating unit above it. The insulated blanket layer below              the FIR layer it enhances the FIR heat distribution.
             The FIR PAD on its top blanket layer uses a Galvano-thermic Carbon wire for its thermal circuit,              which in a matter of seconds reaches the desired temperature level and also distributes the heat              throughout the blanket

    3.      Far Infrared (FIR) Functional Textiles

             Far infrared (FIR) textiles are a new category of functional textiles that have putative health and              well being functionality. FIR exerts strong rotational and vibrational effects at the molecular level              with the potential to be biologically beneficial. The underpinning targeted benefit of FIR textiles is              the enhancement of blood circulation. These materials are based on the principle of absorbing              energy from sunlight and then radiating this energy back onto the body at specific wavelengths.


INFRA CURE, INFRA FIT, INFRA PRO SLIM - Far Infrared Coatings for Textiles for DIY (Do It Yourself) Home Application

Healing clothing far infrared technology is totally different from the current commercial products.

Nano engineered particles of specially selected minerals such as titanium, tourmaline, quartz or zinc are combined together to produce far infrared enabled compound. Then the compound was used to create new generation high-tech functional water based nontoxic coating that is constantly emitting wavelength of far infrared light.

Far- infrared enabled coating is the state of art product specially developed for hi-tech surface modification purpose. The coating can convert any textile material into efficient far infrared source. Treated textile will constantly emit 8~15μm light wavelength and also can absorb and transmit body needed far-infrared energy. We offer newest innovative solution of curing in low room temperatures with long effect durability of 45-50 washing cycles.

Characteristics of NanoMagic’s INFRA CURE far infrared (FIR) spray coating for clothes:

  • From natural well known to human minerals (Maifan Stone, Zinc, Titanium, Tourmaline, Quartz)
  • Nano Grade Powder
  • Environmental compliant, Non-Toxic
  • High Far Infrared (FIR) emission rate (>90%)
  • Treated clothes remain physically unchanged
  • Can be used on any type of textile fabric (Clothes, Bed Mattress, Duvets, Blankets, etc.)
  • Long Lasting Effect (50 washing cycles) 

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